in the washer. Moisture left to dry naturally. Fox hair parts to air dry. Avoid by all means not exposure or drying machine, can lead to deformation or damage to the elevatingshoes shoe leather. Fox hair maintenance: first of all, keep in mind that Fox Fur ugg boots stain should be promptly cleaned to avoid stains remain, not removed in the future. If you can't wash them clean please send to clean shop clean, avoid unnecessary damage to the shoe. In addition to spray some oil-water repellent spray to shoes to protect shoes, plush, remember regular dredging to avoid sticking together.Above is the small series to provide about how Fox wool wash and Fox Fur how to maintain some, bearing in mind the above steps will restore your beloved fox fur ugg boots brand new skin, before this, we still want to protect their Fox Fur snow boots, daily maintenance and cleansing services, small problems can not be underestimated. Feet is one hundred vessels gathering place throughout the body, it is directly related to the well-being of people feeling

so a pair of warm shoes in the winter is important. Snow boots are warm in cold winter days, the best match, fluffy hair makes you feel warm and comfortable. But in freezing weather the mountains, snow boots how to clean and maintain it? Don't worry, the following small series on how to answer them ugg boots washed? Snow boots how to care! Mo Lei coach bud rabbit leather bright magic stars snow boots Mo Lei coach bud rabbit leather bright magic stars snow boots snow boots how wash a: If just falls has some dust Ah, or was others stepped on to a feet left shoes printed what, is ash words, that prepared a supermarket in on has sold of in shoes soft hair brush surface Shang a brush on can has, to dry brush do don't wet brush, effect very of good. Buy shoe powder and leather shoes match the color of your shoes, after the dry brush to remove the dust, think which color, just use matching color shoe powder in a dry brush up on the line, can execute the function covered. Ugg boots how to wash II: water is proper cleaning methods, use a clean sponge or soft brush thoroughly

scrub the entire surface of the shoe evenly. You can also use a hair brush to help the cleaning process. When you wash it wants moderate, careful not to hurt the leather is good, don't forget maomao is rubbing inside, inside plush hand rub can, such asFruit scrub outside wasn't enough clean the outside with a soft brush to clear brush, final rinse soap bubbles washed clean. Once the rinse cleaning shoes, uggs can be put in the washing to dry for a few minutes to get rid of excess water on the boots. Snow boots how hoi polloi: snow boots cleaning finished Hou needs placed natural dry, remember don't using drying machine drying or let boots in Sun Xia exposure. elevator shoes dry Shi please will soles up, inverted whole shoes body, shoes will in a two days within completely dry, you will found, once shoes has completely dry Hou, shoes body will little contraction, don't worried, this is normal phenomenon. Wearing a hours around yihou, shoes will recovery once upon a warm comfortable of wearing feels, and more important of---boots variable clean beautiful has!